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Best Burger Restaurant in Chicago

Au Cheval is ranked the best restaurant for high end burgers in Chicago. Au Cheval is located at 800 W Randolph St, Chicago IL 60607-2308 and is also ranked #52 out of 5,621 restaurants in Chicago. Number 52 out of 5,621 restaurants may not seem that high on the totem pole, but when you consider that they are being ranked among restaurants with Michelin Stars and worldwide famous chiefs, this burger restaurant isn’t doing too bad for itself. 

Famous for its delicious burgers and fries, Au Cheval is growing in popularity, but burgers aren’t the only must try items on their menus. From delicious desserts such as, mille-feuille, a light puff pastry with vanilla whipped cream, zarlengo gelatos, aka milkshake/malt and even old school root beer floats; to amazing appetizers to go perfectly with your burger. Appetizers include thick cut bacon,bread & butter pickles and fried farm eggs over fries. Unfortunately, fries, hash browns, the butter & bread pickles, and certain salads are the only vegetarian options. This restaurant is for those who enjoy a little meat on their plates. Food isn’t the only thing Au Cheval has to offer. Au Cheeval has a plethora of adult drink options as well. One sixth of the menu is their drink options. Don’t want to wait for a table? Try heading to their beautiful bar and order one of their many delicious and thirst quenching adult drinks. Au Chevals blood mary boasts Fernand Petiot 1933, nuit blanche vodka, tomato, horseradish, and pepper. If you’re not the bloody mary type then perhaps try the horse’s neck with 1895 George Kappeler, wild turkey rye, lemon, ginger beer and angostura.  Au Cheval offers 12 signature drinks on their regular menu.

This restaurant’s reviews are just astounding with one guest stating, “Quite literally rendered speechless. Couldn’t talk while eating. Not kidding when I say it’s the best burger I’ve had, and probably will have, in my life.” (Z6560TKemilyc Trip Advisor) when visiting in July of 2022. Many other restaurantees had the same or similar thoughts on this little restaurant in the heart of Chicago. Out of 1,251 reviews only 58 of them were stated as having below average experiences. With many of these unsatisfied customers being either non meat eaters or with children it does not surprise me they were unhappy when choosing to go to a high end restaurant famous for burgers and classy adult beverages the center point of the menu. Some reviews warn of a long wait time without a reservation and this has me wondering if it’s their first time in a large city. As someone who’s spent 20 years living in the city I have to think that if you want a nice sit down dinner in the city you must make a reservation or expect to wait quite some time to be seated. Chicago is a huge and very busy city; even less popular restaurants fill up quickly come lunch and dinner time. Overall, with 1,193 positive reviews and overly satisfied costumes I don’t think coming to Au Cheval would be a bad choice for lunch or dinner the next time you’re in Chicago.