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Top 9 Places To Visit In Chicago That Will Add Charm To Your Vacation

Chicago has some fascinating places that people should consider traveling to whether you are a resident or someone who wants to visit the area. There are skyscrapers, museums, and some local spots that every traveler should have on their list. Being a top city in America, it has a couple of breathtaking places; therefore, one needs to know what those areas are, and have them on your list. Although there are a lot of places that cannot be exhausted in one blog post, here are our top nine spots one has to visit during their trip to Chicago.

1. Millennium Park

The place is best known for festivals and concerts and is one of the most significant places to go to in Chicago if you want that incredible weekend vibe. There are contemporary installations and amazing sculptures that one cannot stop staring at, once you set your eyes on them. It is one of the best places for all tourists to go always.

2. John Hancock Observatory

It is one of the most iconic things in Chicago because it gives people a 360-degree view from 1000 feet above, and that is a place one cannot miss to go. Once you get on the TILT, it will tilt somebody from the 94th floor, giving individuals an experience you will not forget in a lifetime. It is the one place that a person can see five states, and also get to see the famous Lake Michigan. Isn’t that an incredible thing? Who wouldn’t want to experience that? Every visitor will state this to be one of the best places to visit in Chicago.

3. The Famous Cloud Gate

The place has been an Instagram favourite for selfie lovers. It is a great installation that serves as a house of mirrors, and when visiting the Millennium Park. Since its inception, a lot of people go there when looking for some incredible pictures to post on their social media pages.

4. Chicago History Museum

With a bunch of historical artefacts, it is one of the destinations for tourists, and if an individual appreciates history, this is a place you will love visiting. Here, one will find the real story behind the great Chicago fire, and there is a lot to learn about the city by voting this great place.

5. Crown Fountain

It is a 50-foot rock that projects all the images of the locals when the water is flowing through the outlets. The fountain, located in the Millennium Park is best to visit during spring and fall since that is the only time the water effects are operating; therefore, plan your trip on time.

6. Shedd Aquarium

It is a popular tourist attraction site and happens to be one of the largest aquaria in the world. If you are having a lazy afternoon and want a place to hang out with your friends and family members, this should be a place to go. There are over 1500 fishes and mammals in this aquarium, and one will see from Beluga whales to white-sided dolphins, so brace yourself for an exciting day.

7. Promontory Point At Burnham Park

If you are looking for a place to relax, ride bikes and unwind in the evening, this is the place to go. It has been named as one of the best summers hang out places, considering that it is a quiet place. An individual can enjoy swimming along the shores or having a barbeque with friends and family members.

8. Lincoln Park Zoo

When you are an animal and nature lover, this is the place to be no matter your age because the park never disappoints. An individual has a chance to see many animals, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that the zoo is located in the middle of a big city, surrounded by big and beautiful skyscrapers.

9. Magnificent Mile

You have not toured Chicago if one is yet to visit the magnificent mile. It is a commercial district place where one will find incredible fashion and amazing stores. There is a festival held each summer and a Magnificient Mile Lights festival which is a must-attend party if you want to have some fun. During such celebrations, one can get the cosmopolitan experience, which is a great way to spend your days.