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Hamburgers increases Alzheimer’s risk?

I know this site is devoted to the love of all things hamburgers but I saw this article on the red meat/Alzheimer’s connection showing an increased risk.  The reason was that red-meat like hamburgers is packed with iron and the research shows that the build-up of iron in the brain could be the cause.  This led me to do some more digging and I found that Alzheimer’s is the leading case for people needing long-term care in say nursing homes.

To stay at one of those nasty nursing homes in the US, it costs about $70,000 per year.  Where is in the heck will the average person get that kind of money.  There is an insurance called long term care insurance that a person can buy, but you must get it before you get sick.  What happened to covering pre-existing conditions Obamacare??

It turns out that insurance is not cheap so the next time you pick up that hamburger, think about the risk you are taking when you eat those juicy hamburgers often.  I think the key is like anything in life, moderation.  Still stop by one of Chi-town’s best hamburger joints, but just don’t do it every week.

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Top 9 Places To Visit In Chicago That Will Add Charm To Your Vacation

Chicago has some fascinating places that people should consider traveling to whether you are a resident or someone who wants to visit the area. There are skyscrapers, museums, and some local spots that every traveler should have on their list. Being a top city in America, it has a couple of breathtaking places; therefore, one needs to know what those areas are, and have them on your list. Although there are a lot of places that cannot be exhausted in one blog post, here are our top nine spots one has to visit during their trip to Chicago.

1. Millennium Park

The place is best known for festivals and concerts and is one of the most significant places to go to in Chicago if you want that incredible weekend vibe. There are contemporary installations and amazing sculptures that one cannot stop staring at, once you set your eyes on them. It is one of the best places for all tourists to go always.

2. John Hancock Observatory

It is one of the most iconic things in Chicago because it gives people a 360-degree view from 1000 feet above, and that is a place one cannot miss to go. Once you get on the TILT, it will tilt somebody from the 94th floor, giving individuals an experience you will not forget in a lifetime. It is the one place that a person can see five states, and also get to see the famous Lake Michigan. Isn’t that an incredible thing? Who wouldn’t want to experience that? Every visitor will state this to be one of the best places to visit in Chicago.

3. The Famous Cloud Gate

The place has been an Instagram favourite for selfie lovers. It is a great installation that serves as a house of mirrors, and when visiting the Millennium Park. Since its inception, a lot of people go there when looking for some incredible pictures to post on their social media pages.

4. Chicago History Museum

With a bunch of historical artefacts, it is one of the destinations for tourists, and if an individual appreciates history, this is a place you will love visiting. Here, one will find the real story behind the great Chicago fire, and there is a lot to learn about the city by voting this great place.

5. Crown Fountain

It is a 50-foot rock that projects all the images of the locals when the water is flowing through the outlets. The fountain, located in the Millennium Park is best to visit during spring and fall since that is the only time the water effects are operating; therefore, plan your trip on time.

6. Shedd Aquarium

It is a popular tourist attraction site and happens to be one of the largest aquaria in the world. If you are having a lazy afternoon and want a place to hang out with your friends and family members, this should be a place to go. There are over 1500 fishes and mammals in this aquarium, and one will see from Beluga whales to white-sided dolphins, so brace yourself for an exciting day.

7. Promontory Point At Burnham Park

If you are looking for a place to relax, ride bikes and unwind in the evening, this is the place to go. It has been named as one of the best summers hang out places, considering that it is a quiet place. An individual can enjoy swimming along the shores or having a barbeque with friends and family members.

8. Lincoln Park Zoo

When you are an animal and nature lover, this is the place to be no matter your age because the park never disappoints. An individual has a chance to see many animals, and what makes it more interesting is the fact that the zoo is located in the middle of a big city, surrounded by big and beautiful skyscrapers.

9. Magnificent Mile

You have not toured Chicago if one is yet to visit the magnificent mile. It is a commercial district place where one will find incredible fashion and amazing stores. There is a festival held each summer and a Magnificient Mile Lights festival which is a must-attend party if you want to have some fun. During such celebrations, one can get the cosmopolitan experience, which is a great way to spend your days.

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8 Best Restaurants In Chicago

In an era of instant information, the first place people turn to for reviews is on the internet because there are a lot of things one could learn. The reports help in knowing if the restaurant you are about to choose is known to have great meals and how the customer services are. On this list, one will find some of Chicago’s best restaurants to visit, considering it is a place that has been vetted without any rush, to ensure clients get the best experience. Make this your guide the next time a person is looking for an incredible restaurant to dine in, whether alone or with friends.

1. Landbirds

If you are looking for Korean chicken and rice, this is the spot to visit, considering that their wings are delicious. These wings are crispy and drizzled in some gingery sauce, making the meal enjoyable. An individual is given a choice when it comes to how hot you want your wings to be from mild to hot and spicy. A person can visit the restaurant whether with friends and family members and enjoy some delicious meals.

2. Bayan Ko

It is a Filipino and Cuban restaurant in Ravenswood that should be on your list the next time an individual wants to eat out because the meals are fantastic. One has a chance to eat delicious and crispy fried balls with ham hock, and there will be a chef who is always asking how the meals are, ensuring that people are having a great time.

3. Brothers And Sisters

When one is looking for an all-useful spot every day, this is the joint to visit. It is a restaurant and a market that has a bar for dining and having some job done. The foods are to die for, and there are a couple of cuisines that one could get from here including juicy roasted chicken with black garlic bread pudding. Consider visiting the spot to see if it works for you.

4. Kumiko

It is a fancy cocktail bar with people giving you the right services, all the time, making it easy for people to have some good time effortlessly. Although the dishes in this place are plated, it is possible for an individual to drink and have a few biting such as shrimp tempura, and whatever else is in the menu.

5. Fat Rice Restaurant

It is known to be a tiny restaurant with a lot of big and incredible flavors, thus offering people creative and exceptional menus. There are also excellent cocktails in the restaurant, and the setting is worth the hype. Be ready to experience the different flavors of foods served in this restaurant.

6. Alinea

The restaurant has been named one of the best restaurants in Chicago not only because of the great food offered, but the quality of services provided by the staff members. The food comes and goes effortless, and the wine glasses are continuously filled, as long as one wants. Guests are given a chance to play guessing names because meals are given unique names such as spectrum, so one is left wondering how the meals are presented to you, and what will be presented. If you were to try more than one meals, it would be hard to know which one is your favorite.

7. Tweet

It is one of the restaurants that have gluten-free options for their clients, and a lot of vegans are interested in looking at the choices presented to them. The fact that the restaurant is located in a place with local arts and walls makes it the best choice for a lot of individuals; therefore, you should perhaps give it a try. Another incredible thing is the fact that their Bloody Mary could be a perfect way to start your day.

8. Goddess And The Baker

When an individual is looking for a place in the downtown, this is the place to go and have two branches around town offering incredible services to their clients. The thing that many enjoy the most is the effort made during the pride week by offering rainbow pastries and rainbow coffee, thus making everyone feel welcome in the restaurant. It is a good experience for people searching for vegan options, and those looking forward to having delicious meals.

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7 Things Chicago Is Known For By People

It is pretty hard for many people to believe that Chicago started as a small trading centre. When you look at it, there are a lot of things that have changed making it an incredible city it is today. If you happen to visit the city or are planning to go there someday, there are a couple of things to see; therefore, be ready to embrace what the place has to offer. From the museums to good food and incredible people, there is a lot that one should know about the amazing location.

  1. The Food

Being a diverse city, you have a chance of getting great food, considering that there are people of all backgrounds and ethnicity. If you are looking forward to tasting sandwich that is not made using bread, this is the place to go. The residents refer to it as jibarito sandwich. Instead of using the bread, these people use fried plantains, and other things included are the lettuces, meat, and cheese, and in some places, they add tomatoes. So, when it comes to food, there are a lot of cuisines that the town is known for; therefore, go for that flavour which pleases your mouth.

2. The Things You Can Do Within Winter

If you want to have some fun over the winter seasons, why don’t you consider going ice skating in Chicago? There are a couple of companies renting out ice skaters to allow people to enjoy the outside during the cold months. There is also the Lincoln Park Zoo that present zoo lights each holiday which is an incredible thing for people to do. That is a place where visitors sip some wine and enjoy holiday lights.

3. Comedy

Chicago is one of the best places to catch a comedy show at any time. There are a lot of performances happening in between the week; therefore, you will never miss something to do. When an individual is in the mood of watching an incredible achievement, there are theatres with some amazing performances. Each night, there are comedy shows happening, and it is up to you to choose what pleases you.

4. The Weather Is Unpredictable

Despite the many weather prediction apps that have come up, Chicago weather is full of surprises, and you might never know what you will experience. The weather could change in a matter of hours from humid showers to a chilly sunshine day. Even those people who have been living in the city for the longest cannot predict the weather most times. The solution when it comes to dressing is, having some loose layers of clothes because they are easy to remove if it gets hot.

5. The Traditions

The one thing that stands out about Chicago is having the Chicago River dyed green to honour St. Patrick’s Day. It is a place that all visitors want to see, and by far Chicagoans love the festivals in general, and one will have fun by attending a couple of them. Since the river is dyed at around 9 o’clock on St. Patrick’s Day, it could be a fun family event, considering that many people come out for the festival. The city is vast when it comes to music, considering that is where house music was born in the ’80s, before making its way to the world — ever heard of the Chicago-style stepping? It is a popular dance that is popular with the African-Americans in their 40s, 50s and 60s, dancing to R&B and funk music.

6. The Windy City

Chicago is known as the windy city not referring to the weather but the political state of the region. A lot of people believe that politics play a huge role in this city in that, one already knows who they are voting for, but you can never be sure if your vote will count. In simple terms, some things are done while others remain are not done, considering that most people run under the assumption that each is corrupt.

7. The Late-Night Transportation That Could Get You Anywhere

The city is known to be Lyft and Airbnb friendly; therefore, an individual should not have to worry about how to get home after sipping a couple of beers. As long as one has these apps on their phones before going to a festival or a night out with friends, you can be sure that there will be someone ready to take you home at any time.

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The Best Hamburgers in Chicago: Our List

Food lovers of all ages are sure to have a grand time in Chicago where all the tastiest and most delectable burgers can be found. Your favorite burgers all served up with one or two patties, fancy toppings, and fries on the side are ready to fill you up at various joints around the place. Choices are brimming so you might need some time to take it all in. Here is a list of the places where you can find the best hamburgers in Chicago.

    Their patties are served on a toasted bun and topped with cheese, pickles and dijonnaise. Their burgers come with egg-topped fries on the side.
    The place is well-known for the famous SNL skit. The Billy Goat Tavern offers simple but tasty burgers paired with ice cold American beer.
    The place is famous for the Choppak, a double cheeseburger that is served with coleslaw and fries.
    The place features the Cobra Burger, a favorite among its regular customers. The place also offers half prices on Mondays.
    The place is known to serve the tastiest burgers which feature artisan cheeses and grass-fed meat. They also serve fries topped with Amish blue cheese and parmesan fries with truffle cream.
    Epic Burger serves burgers made of a hundred percent all-natural beef which means there are no antibiotics, no hormones and no preservatives added. Their burger servings also include cooked egg.
    Amazingly, the place offers over 250,000 ways to serve burgers. That’s a whole lot of choices for the picky eaters who love to try something new every time. Their burgers come with Cajun fries.
    The place is famous for its delectable half-pound cheeseburger.
    Kuma’s Corner is known to be a burger paradise for the hearty eater. People who come here do not really mind waiting for tables for they know exactly the satisfaction they will get once they get their hands on their favorite burger. The burgers here, which are named after metal bands, are served with various toppings to suit everyone’s unique taste. They also offer mac and cheese, waffles and beer.
    Longman and Eagle is a place known to serve non-traditional dishes like grilled pork cheek, roasted bone marrow and wild boar sloppy Joe. But their burger options are sure to fascinate every palate. The place is famous for the Slager Family Farms burger topped with bacon, beef fat fries, brioche and aged cheese.
  11. M BURGER
    The place offers a simple menu with the most affordable prices and delicious food.
    The place offers a different kind of environment aside from their delicious burgers. There are trees around the area and available fireplaces year-round.
    Their burgers are served with a special sauce of concentrated tomato and garlic aioli with added onion on top of the bun. The burgers come with fresh greens.
    The place is known for their hotdogs and for their double bacon cheeseburger.
    Rootstock specializes in wines and specialty beer as well as locally grown and organic dishes. They are famous for their Black Earth Organic Burger cooked with melted white cheese, red onion and bacon-scallion aioli sauce. The burgers are served with fresh mixed vegetables with tart dressing.
    The place offers a wide variety of burger menu and takes pride in their all-natural ingredients. One of their unique burgers is the Black “N Blue, a blackened burger with blue cheese sauce packed with flavorful toppings.
    One of the favorites in the place is the Hot Mess. It is an all-beef patty with toppings of American cheese and beef chili and served on a pretzel roll. Another popular choice is the Beckett which is a half-pound burger with toppings of cheddar, curry mayo and fried onion ring.