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Hamburgers increases Alzheimer’s risk?

I know this site is devoted to the love of all things hamburgers but I saw this article on the red meat/Alzheimer’s connection showing an increased risk.  The reason was that red-meat like hamburgers is packed with iron and the research shows that the build-up of iron in the brain could be the cause.  This led me to do some more digging and I found that Alzheimer’s is the leading case for people needing long-term care in say nursing homes.

To stay at one of those nasty nursing homes in the US, it costs about $70,000 per year.  Where is in the heck will the average person get that kind of money.  There is an insurance called long term care insurance that a person can buy, but you must get it before you get sick.  What happened to covering pre-existing conditions Obamacare??

It turns out that insurance is not cheap so the next time you pick up that hamburger, think about the risk you are taking when you eat those juicy hamburgers often.  I think the key is like anything in life, moderation.  Still stop by one of Chi-town’s best hamburger joints, but just don’t do it every week.